This project was mainly inspired and built from an idea we had while we were brainstorming after seeing the topic of dogs. We knew that first-time dog owners require a lot of information about taking proper care of their dogs, a big part of that being their nutrition and diets. We wanted to make a program that would inform dog owners about some general food items that they can give their dogs for their growth, along with a schedule of when to feed them. Therefore, we decided that a dog food nutrition information app would be a helpful program that benefits many people in the area of raising dogs.

What it does

WoofMeals is personalized to the user by letting the user input information about their dogs, such as the breed and the age. Currently, it only lets you choose between three breeds; Corgis, Golden Retrievers and French Bulldogs. It then will inform you about many types of meals you could prepare for your dog as well as the appropriate schedule for such. Our app includes homemade food, kibble and raw foods that are a good choice for your dog’s growth. Recipes for homemade dog foods that best fit the user’s dog will be provided, along with the best nutritional percentages, as well as the best nutrient-rich kibble. WoofMeals will also provide in-depth tips for each raw food group and the items that could be fed in those groups. Our app is a whole package for dog nutrition which is aimed to be very helpful for dog owners with an easy-to-use user interface and an appealing visual.

How we built it

We built WoofMeals using the design software Figma to create multiple pages with all the necessary information regarding your dog’s nutrition. We then used the prototype function of Figma to connect all the pages in order. Furthermore, we also imported many visuals and used numerous elements to make the experience easy and interesting, along with informative, for the user.

Challenges we ran into

At first, we tried integrating the UI of WoofMeals with code, but since our team isn’t very experienced with programming, WoofMeals took up a large quantity of our time, and it still did not execute a visually pleasing user interface. So, we decided to switch to UI only, making WoofMeals as a prototype in Figma. After we transitioned to Figma, the design and prototyping process of the app were relatively easy to handle. When we ran the program while it was a work in progress, we realized that many of the elements we included wouldn’t show in WoofMeals. A large amount of our time was then spent trying to figure out what the issue was, all coming to no clear solution. Nevertheless, after lots of examining, we finally found out that the problem was caused by Figma itself, and resolved it soon after. In sum, there were numerous challenges that we faced when creating WoofMeals, but in the end, we persevered and it ended up being better than we expected.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Since all of us are not that proficient in terms of programming or hackathons, this entire project was an accomplishment on its own. However, We believe the biggest achievement in this project was the design of the program. The whole design itself provided us with lots of challenges that we overcame successfully. We are so proud to present our visually interesting and easy-to-use design of our app. Another accomplishment that we are proud of is the research on the nutrition that dogs need. Since none of our team members have dogs, or they have minimal experience with dogs, we did not know anything about their nutrition. We spent a good amount of our time researching and recording the diets of certain dog breeds and which foods are best for them. Overall, this project really helped us increase our understanding of the diets of dogs and the designing software.

What we learned

There were many things that we learned in the process of making WoofMeals. Firstly, we expanded our knowledge in technical fields. We learned how to use a software called Figma, which lets you design and create graphics and virtually test your graphics on a virtual device. We also learned how to code in CSS and HTML programming languages. However, we also learnt many soft skills, we improved our responsibility, cooperation skills, communication skills, as well as the skills to persevere through a challenge and never give up.

What's next for WoofMeals

The next step for WoofMeals would be to actually integrate the Figma design into programming languages such as HTML and CSS. We would also add more breeds of dogs you can input into the program to include dog owners with a variety of dogs with different breeds. Furthermore, we would also like to add a rewards system where if the dog has its meals on time, we would pile up points until it reaches a certain score for a treat day. Another thing we would like to incorporate is the functionality of the user being able to input their dog’s name as well as creating an account on our app. There will always be ways WoofMeals can improve in the future. Thus, implementing these features will improve WoofMeals.

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