It can sometimes be easy to forget to take care of yourself, especially when you’re used to a busy daily schedule. For example, in college people tend to get distracted by school work and extracurriculars. We wanted to create an app that would promote self care in a memorable way for people's day to day lives.

What it does

WOOF! is an app that gives motivation to take care of yourself and have fun while doing it. For each meal you eat or glass of water you drink, you feed the same amount to a virtual dog, whose mood changes based on how well you are taking care of him. Feed him three meals and bowls of water a day and he will be happy! If you don't feed him enough, he will remain sad until he is fed. The satisfaction that comes with making your dog happy encourages you to also look after yourself.

How we built it

This app was built using Swift and XCode.

Challenges we ran into

None of us knew how to use Swift at the beginning of the project, so we had to learn how to use this coding tool. We also had no prior experience of making a mobile app in general, so this was the main hurdle we had to overcome.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning how to code in Swift in XCode, implementing GIFs in the app and designing an appealing UI.

What we learned

How to use Swift and XCode, how to make a mobile app, how to implement GIFs in an iOS app.

What's next for WOOF!

Adding the ability for users to choose from different breeds of dogs, implementing stages of dog growth, and an exercise tracker.

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