This skill is made for families hoping to buy a house in the toll brothers community Woodlands at Warwick. Many parents with children would need to know which school their kids would be attending and the internet is not always reliable. This skill is to replace a salesman sitting there and answering any questions families looking for a new house might ask.

What it does

Currently, Woodlands at Warwick can tell, once given the type of school needed(ex: Public Elementary school) Alexa will provide the school that best fits the description in the area.

How I built it

Using Alexa Conversations and the Alexa developer console I have made this skill.

Challenges I ran into

It was challenging to figure out how to properly use Alexa conversations but with the help of Amazon Developers, I was able to overcome the challenge

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I have proud of figuring out how to use Alexa Conversations and through this project, I also got more practice in node.js.

What I learned

I have learned the usage of Alexa Conversations and more detailed functions in javascript

What's next for Woodlands at Warwick

Woodlands at Warwick will slowly have different information incorporated into it, such as how far are the nearest police stations and other common questions families looking to buy a house would normally ask the salesperson.

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