We've both been sitting far too much. It's time to get up, walk around, and get some fresh air.

What it does

In essence, our app is a pedometer, but with a twist. As the user walks, the tree gets watered and grows. When the user grows their tree to completion, a tree will be planted in reality too. We can monetize the app and use the ad revenue and donations to fund it.

How we built it

We built it with Flutter and some flutter libraries.

Challenges we ran into

Challenge #1: We're completely new to Flutter. Challenge #2: Setting up our development environment. Challenge #3: Debugging our code.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works. The app works and it's definitely one of our more polished projects. Also, peep the art.

What we learned

We mainly learned about the Dart language, and Flutter SDK.

What's next for Wood Walk

We hope to implement user authentication and ads. We also want to add additional feature such as editing the profile, and adding audio to the app. Lastly, we will work on the layout and design some more.

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