We were inspired to help local businesses through our own experiences this year through COVID 19.

What it does

WonderUs is a local business finder. Owners can add information about their businesses by signing in, and users can use the search feature to find the businesses closest to them. Users can get information about the opening hours, what the business sells, and the location of the store they want to visit.

How We built it

We used HTML, CSS, and Javascript for the layout of the web app (frontend). For the backend, we used Javascript, MongoDB, express, google+, and passport.js.

Challenges We ran into

  1. We did not know how to sign in using Google
  2. None of us were experienced in routing
  3. Couldn't figure out how to make the search function (backend) work
  4. Integration of database with the rest of the app

Accomplishments that We're proud of

  1. Learning routing
  2. Making a functional and aesthetic frontend
  3. Integration of database with app
  4. Feature to sign in using Google
  5. Feature to add business to database from user

What We learned

  1. UI Design
  2. User authentication using Google
  3. Database functionalities- inserting, editing, searching (through user)

What's next for WonderUs

  1. Adding a map with locations of local businesses
  2. Sorting the results of the searches in order of least distance of user
  3. Improving layout of website
  4. Adding Global Forum and Messaging features for business owners and users
  5. Adding additional fields for owners to enter more information about their businesses
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