What is Wondertron?

Wondertron is a theme for WonderCMS based on Bootstrap 3. It includes additional features, such as an AJAX contact form.


Live demo is available at http://cristoslc.com/portfolio/wondertron/public_html.


To install this theme, just unzip wondertron.zip into your "themes" folder in WonderCMS. (It should automatically expand into a folder called 'wondertron').

You can also download the public_html folder to the target directory of your site, which includes a WonderCMS (v0.6 BETA) installation.

If you are installing wondertron.zip into your own WonderCMS installation (not using the public_html folder included here), you will need to make one modification to your index.php file. Around line 22, add:

include ('themes/wondertron/default-content.php');

If you have any trouble, please open an issue on the github repo at https://github.com/cristoslc/Wondertron/issues

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