Personal Note

I built this app in just two days, so be aware that there might be small issues while using it. If you have a bigger idea of this app, get in touch with me so that I could share the code with you.


The most used app in everyone's productive life, yet the most under-evolved product is To-Do app. Even today where the phones have become smarter, but to-do apps are still stuck in stone-age, where the user has to enter everything manually. This motivated me to bring the users to Information Age.

What it does

WonderNote is simply an online to-do app when combined with the Neura SDK, it becomes the most intelligent to-do app which could remind you to 'Book a Uber cab' few minutes before it starts to rain and you are about to leave your office. Thus helping you to get a cab before the demand for the cab is going to rise.

This is just one single example, one can play around with events that should be triggered when certain events happen. Like if it's about to rain and you are asleep, it would remind you to cover the sunroof, if you have made a setup for it. A User can add up as many automatic recipes as they want to create a reminder for the events he has no idea of.

With the Family Connect feature, one can smartly collaborate the to-do list. For example, if you have a to-do in Grocery category, and your siblings or partner who is connected to you on WonderNote goes to Grocery stores. You would get a notification saying, 'Your family member is in grocery stores and your to-do in Grocery category is pending. Call up them to save time.' So you could call them up and ask them to bring the needy groceries in your list. As this is a prototype and there wasn't much time left to add more features to Family Connect feature expect Grocery one, same can be extended to multi categories.

How I built it

Neura SDK and everything nice to make the perfect smart to-do app, plus

  1. Android
  2. Android Studio
  3. Firebase
  4. Coffee

Challenges I ran into

One challenge was the connecting GCM with my project. As Google has now migrated it to FCM and Google Developer Console dashboard UI was confusing. Apart from this, all the heavy lifting was done by Neura SDK.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to build a highly mature context-aware app in very short time which has AI enabled. It feels awesome when I build something on AI related projects.

What I learned

Those apps which enable Machine learning are going to rock the future.

What's next for WonderNote, a context-aware AI-powered smart to-do app

Apps like this have a huge potential to be in the future. Assume our app learning all the events and activities of a user and may automatically book a Uber cab when you are about to leave office and Surge pricing is about to go high. Thus saving money as well as your routine task.

This kind of apps when clubbed with IoT devices and VR-AR devices like HoloLens, this could be an ultimate to-do app on PlayStore and AppStore. In future, one app controls all the things around you while helping you as an assistant.

:) Cheers

Note: This app is a prototype and is prone to errors. Kindly read through Test Instructions. Kindly report the bugs at imanagepages{@}

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