In our daily life we see women and non binary suffer from a lot of inner conflict, mental stress and insecurity. To help the them ease out, we created a platform which is a safe space for all it's users. We wanted a space where everyone could openly talk about all their fears, their identities, their problems and issues. These issues are not just limited in the personal fronts but also discuss the problems faced by the society. Discussing about social issues not just help in sorting them out but also lead to better implementation of the same.

What it does

We at WOMXN create a platform for all the women and non binary folks around the globe helping them provide a safe, happy and a meaningful environment. Our aim is to achieve a space in which everyone can openly share their thoughts and issues on any topic without being in the fear of getting judged.

How we built it

We had an idea and we thrived upon it with our knowledge of semantic HTML5, CSS3 and Flexbox . We used the designing tool Figma and with the help of google forms we managed to complete our 'Contact Us' section. Just a little time management, teamwork and coordination led to completion of this beautiful project.

Challenges we ran into

Our biggest challenge was to implement an idea which could give a feel of sensitivity, safety and happiness at the same time. Here at WOMXN , we provide the users with chatrooms in the form of events in which they can even talk anonymously and freely about the things they cannot open up to their family or friends. This helps in easing out their stress and mental pressure as well as creating a happy understanding environment for all.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was our very first attempt on building a frontend website and we are proud of the way we handled to make one in a such a short duration of time. The use of aesthetic sense and specially Figma helped us designing our very beautiful safe space for all the women and non binary! We realized the importance of time management and teamwork which led to the successful creation of WOMXN.

What we learned

While building our project we came upon many issues faced by all the women and non binary but we jotted down the most important ones and created chat rooms for the same. We realized the sense of insecurity and the fear of getting their identities unveiled which was saddening as in this 21st century too where the world is ready to accept everything cannot accept the basic identity of a human being.

What's next for WOMXN : A Safe Space

We hope to implement this idea in a better way in order to reach people around the globe and spread awareness of the problems we face and open up a healthy discussion about it !

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