I was inspired to create this because as I was researching and picking out what track to submit to, I realized the issue we have at hand when it comes to women being underrepresented in the tech sector was very severe, and I wanted to help bring light to it.

What it does

This website is simple, however it is effective in providing people with the knowledge and inspiration they need to get started on fixing this issue. It shows you simple actions to take as a woman to help our community rise and be brought into the light, and to show people our issue is important for the future of society and we need to fix it. The WomenAreTheFuture also hopes to provide young girls with inspiration by briefly discussing very prominent women in the past of STEM and strong fighters for equal gender equality. Lastly, it also provides you with a few statistics and and a little bit of information to encourage you further research this issue and give you motivation to help solve it.

How I built it

I built it using HTML, CSS, and bootstrap.

Challenges I ran into

As this is my first time attending a hackathon, there were a few issues I ran into. In the coding aspect, I was fine because I already knew how to code with HTML, CSS, and bootstrap. However when I was attempting to upload my code to github I ran into quite a few errors. However luckily after learning how to properly use github, I got it, and uploaded it on time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Accomplishments that I'm proud of are the time I completed this website in, especially since I did it alone. Although it isn't complete since I would love to add more features such as a quiz or registration form, I finished the website in under 6 hours, and for my first time attending a hackathon, I proud of what I have created!

What I learned

I learned that you should never underestimate the time it takes to create even the simplest of websites/apps. I also learned that attention to detail is key when coding, especially in a time crunch. Overall, this hackathon was one of the most stressful experiences I've been put under, to say the least. However, nonetheless the knowledge I gained and the value it holds outweighs the stress for sure, I'm glad I decided to participate and give it a try.

What's next for WomenAreTheFuture

Next for WomenAreTheFuture I would like to add additional features such a quiz or register form to have people either take a quiz on the knowledge they learned on my website or have them register to receive monthly newsletters on women in stem.

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