Volunteering for Parents Helping Parents as a Parental Stress Line Counselor and Support Group Lead

What it does

WSP connects providers willing to contribute to their community with women in crisis or difficult situation looking for help. The portal allows providers to register and maintain their accounts, see application in real time, process them in timely manner and use the portal as a research platform to collect and analyze data on request types and current demand. All registered providers are searchable by users of the portal - women seeking for help. The example of services are: childcare, transportation, meal delivery, counseling, career couching, shelter placement, legal advises, housing, therapy, physiological help, healthcare, support groups, legal advises, etc There is a great potential to use public data from other networking and shared community resources as well as data science and machine learning application.

How I built it

It's built on React with mockup data.

Challenges I ran into

Time commitment and deadline

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The first prototype is up and running and ready for demo.

What I learned

How to use BingMap API, strenthen my skills in React, Javascript, CSS

What's next for Women Support Portal

To go live!

Built With

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