The inspiration for this project actually came from my mother. When we moved to a new place my mom had to find a new job because her old one (which is really far) required her to be on-site. So, she started looking for some jobs on online job websites like Google jobs, Indeed, LinkedIn and many more. Many jobs that she looked at discouraged her from applying because of the gender bias. For example: using pronouns like "he" or "his" - which implied that that job posting was only suitable for men.

Therefore, I decided to make this tool which I have named Women Intelligence (Inspired by Artificial Intelligence).

What it does

Women Intelligence is a tool that basically finds and removes gender biases from job posting since many job postings unintentionally contain gender bias, which sometimes stops women from applying.

To avoid gender bias in job postings, the employer can download this tool and add it as an extension to their browser. Women Intelligence will scan the posting to make sure that the job posting is using gender-neutral language and avoiding assumptions about the gender of the ideal candidate. It will also suggest using job titles and pronouns that are inclusive of all genders, and avoiding the use of gendered adjectives. This will not only help women to find the right fit of job for themselves and help to create a more equitable hiring process, it will also help the Human Resources team to find the best candidates from an broader pool of applicants.

How I built it

On Replit I used HTML, Javascript and CSS to make my website. I also used canva and adobe to design some elements like the logo and slides on my website.

I took inspiration from the chrome web store (

Challenges I ran into

There were many challenges I faced with javascript when I was building the slide container and also when I was using flex box... but since I like to solve challenges, it was fun!

Accomplishments that I am proud of

I am genuinely so proud of myself for actually finishing this website because there were many moments where I didn't want to continue because things weren't going my way. However, the finished result was worth it.

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