You play as a women in science put in a random environment where various objects/entities that try to obstruct your righteous pursuit of science. This is a hands-free VR game where, once the game starts, you will be using a certain line of view to destroy all enemies in your path. At the start of each level, you will not know who you will be playing as, but you will get to see the various enemies as they try to attack you. This leaves an element of mystery in game as the player tries to determine who in the world would be attacked by two white men in lab coats or an abstract figure of an uncredited project? Surprise! It’s Rosalind Franklin, the female scientist who discovered the double helix nature of DNA, of which James Watson and Francis Crick are instead credited for. That’s why you were attacked by two scientists and an research paper that didn’t have your name on it. At the end of the level, if you managed to survive without any of the objects managing to get to you, you find out who you played as. Between levels, facts about why what object attacked you will be revealed. For example, the abstract image of a research project report without your name on it attacked you because Crick and Watson stole your research for their own gain. You will also learn more about the woman that you just played as. In the next level, you will play as another women in science, with the same premise of not knowing your identity but finding out who or what your enemies are. This will be a VR game that can be played on your phone with cardboard VR headsets or with headsets.

Backend will be used to save usernames, passwords, and high scores. This way, people will be incentivized to play the game more and learn about the women they played by seeing what scores other players got and what levels they made it up to. We will be using Google Firebase as the backend.

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