What it does## Who will this hack impact?

We created this hack because we wanted to challenge gender norms and stereotypes by increasing the visibility of women (particularly women of color) in STEM. Our hope is that improved representation will inspire young women to pursue their passion for fields traditionally dominated by men.

How is the project innovative?

Our goal is to create an easily accessible, easily navigable repository of detailed information about the history of women in STEM -- their lives, their work, their achievements, etc.

What frameworks and tools were used to build the project?

We used HTML to build the individual pages of our website, Flask to connect callback functions (e.g., hyperlinks) and to create a local host, and CSS to give everything a colorful, fun, and unique look and feel.

How can this project extend to make the present and the future a kinder place?

We want to change people's perceptions of women in order to create a more egalitarian society, one in which gender is no longer a barrier to success.

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