This project was inspired by the JPMorgan Chase Challenge, focused on entrepreneurial empowerment for women in business and entrepreneurship. This website is intended to help women entrepreneurs and business owners build a support network with each other. This is achieved through a forum to build community, a mentor-mentee matching service, and a page for employers/recruiters and prospective employees to reach out to fellow women. We chose the mascot for Women in Charge to be an elephant, because elephants are one of the few matriarchal creatures in the animal kingdom. This website was originally built with Domain's Weebly service, but unfortunately the Domain server is uncooperative with uploading the site's features. After many hours of fiddling and waiting, reloading the page over and over, we decided to make a backup site with WiX, because something is better than nothing. Given that this is the first hackathon for all four team members, this was a learning experience in idea formulation and teamwork. While we did get frustrated over the server issues we experienced, we helped each other remain positive, persevere through the problem, and come up with a solution. Overall, even though our site may be simple, we are proud of our concept and strongly believe it would be beneficial to have a network-building site specifically for women in entrepreneurship and business so that they may uplift each other through the struggles of female leadership in a male-dominated field.

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