Our inspirations was to create a program with the amazon echo and the mapquest api that can assist in empowering women.

What it does

Basically, the user speaks to alexa about a range of problems or concerns they have as a female. depending on the situation alexa is programed to give advice about the problem what it is, why it happens or can happen and then a possible solution. If she does not have a solution or the best solution to the problem Alexa goes one step further to offer directions (distance and exact addres) to nearest resoucre center for the specific situation and then she also provides contact info like their number if the use wishes to call instead.

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

Interesting quirks of the setup of the mapquest api data vs data. Our teams pitiful understanding of Javascript.....which is why this is now in python. Alexa struggling to hear in a loud room.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Alexa talks back...usually

What we learned

Aws is a very powerful tool and the mapquest api can be used to retrieve more than just directions.

What's next for Women Access Health

What's next would be to add more options instead of just health problems, general female problems like feeling insecure about their body, being jealous about other females, feeling judged for being different, being slut shames, fat shames, how to deal with feeling lonely, and maybe provide support groups, advice and possible solutions to improve on your self or capitalize on the situation they are experiencing.

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