We wanted to focus on the social impact of technology during the hackathon, in hopes of making our community a better place! Often times, we hear stories about our female friends encountering difficult, unexpected situations on campus; we decided this issue into our own hands with this web-app!

What it does

Users of our platform can send messages to other women registered on the platform in case of small or big emergencies. A location pin of the user in need of help is sent via text message to users in a nearby area, so they can come for the assist!

How we built it

We used firebase as a backend data base to store the coordinates of our users; coordinates are calculated using Google's Geolocation API. Using some logic with Node JS, we calculate the distance of our users and the individual in need of help and send an sms using Twilio's handy dandy API. The UI was created with React, Bootstrap, and HTML/CSS.

Challenges we ran into

This was our first time using front-end technologies besides HTML/CSS. We were planning to use Python and Flask, but alas, our endeavor was not fruitful. As such, we spend hours looking through tutorials to set up our web app's exoskeleton.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have used a technology stack that we have not touched ever to create a working project. More than anything, we are happy to make something that can and will empower women throughout!

What we learned

We learned to connect various parts of the stack together to create a communicative web-app. It was fun to learn about the client-server relationship further and explore new tools!

What's next for Woman 2 Woman

We want to make this project into the next big social media app. We want to add DM features, profiles for members, work with other schools, and so much more!

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