Wolof Bot API

This API powers the Xamxam Facebook Messenger Bot.

Team Members

Elevator Pitch

A Facebook Messenger bot built during The DevCircles Oakland Hackathon 2017, to help Wolof speakers learn Computer Science terminology in their own native language and in English.

Built with: Languages, APIs, Hardware, Hosts, Libraries and Frameworks.

We built this entire backend API ourselves this past Saturday to win the Hackathon. Our tech stack is:

  • NodeJS, ExpressJS, Heroku, Recime.io

The Whole Story

"Xamxam" in Sénégalese Wolof means "Knowledge" and "Xam" means "To know". For over 3 years now we've been thinking about how would a non-english speaker go about learning Software Engineering? I've even tried making my own Programming Language based on Wolof, my native West African language. More than 80% of the world knowledge is in English and that number is even higher when you investigate the Software Development world. Our goal with this Xamxam Bot is to help bridge that gap, starting with Wolof speakers. We've built a Messenger Bot API from the ground up to help teach learners about Computer Science terminology in both Wolof and English. You can ask it questions formulated in either language and it will reply back with an answer in both languages. This implicitly helps learners with their english, while discovering Computer Science. I've even started a Facebook Page, which now has almost 600 members to help promote the Wolof language: "The Wolof Language Foundation (WLF) is a non-profit linguistics trade association chartered to promote, protect and advance written and spoken Wolof." This is not a documentation Bot. We have a higher purpose for it as our aim to help teach Full Software Engineering to non-english speakers via the Messenger Platform. Xamxam is not a one off project. We plan on working on it Full Time to make it an improved and usable product.

Try it out (URL for Demo)

  • You can ask to terms like: array, internet, web, bit, byte, function... It's still an infant but it will grow fast as we iterate on it.
  • Xamxam Messenger Bot



Video Demo Url.

Video Demo

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