Wolla is a mobile events guide that aims to connect the public to parties and events, providing safe entertainment options.

Producers register their parties for free, providing the basic information such as: location, date and time, residents and guest djs and price. And users, by clicking on the "I will go" button have their names automatically entered in the list of that party, guaranteeing discounted entry.

On the first page users can see the events organized by date, how many people are on the list and can click to see full details. From an objective way, users can discover the best events of the day.

The site arose from the need to answer the frequent question "Where should we go tonight?". At the same time, producers now have a better way to promote their events on mobile and make lists efficiently.

In the future, Wolla will be a complete platform for events, being able to speed up the waiting time in lines, allowing payment through the AddOn. Users will be able to buy drinks and won't need to worry about losing a credit card or wallet.

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