We wanted to challenge ourselves and dive into the Wolfram language! Our team initially bonded over playing the Wikipedia game (see description below) so we wanted to create a solution written in Wolfram that computes the least number of "page separations" between two seemingly distinct Wikipedia articles.

What it does

In order to play the Wikipedia game, users start on a given article with the goal of finishing on a specific article with the only rules being a) the user can only navigate to a new Wikipedia page via one of the embedded links and b) no ctrl-F!

What we did was to allow a user to submit the urls of a starting and ending page. Our algorithm (with TONS of heavy lifting from the Wolfram language itself!) then seeks to find the least number of pages between these articles.

How we built it

Using the Wolfram language and a whiteboard!

Challenges we ran into

Exceeding memory and initially learning the Wolfram way of programming!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're happy that the algorithm works to a reasonable level and happy we chose to learn about the Wolfram language.

What we learned

We've gotten a small taste of what the Wolfram language can do!

What's next for Wolfram Wikipedia-Game Solver

We'd like to continue developing the the project to be deployed on our own webpage while still using the Wolfram cloud for all of our computations.

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