We decided to build a web scraping tool that would collect all junior tennis players from and store it in a local database. Our teammate, Katrina Hartley, coaches tennis players and was interested in collecting youth tennis players here in Charlotte and around the world.

What it does

The tool interacts with and pulls the tournaments, matches, player information ,a nd winning percentage for each player and writes it out to a sqllite database file.

How the team built it

Using the Eclipse IDE, we built the application using Java. The application did require some web dev experience as we were scraping data of the ITFJuniors web page.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into several bugs as the tool would not return all players and throw exceptions when a field was empty. By debugging and implementing a method to catch exceptions, we were able to resolve our issues.

Accomplishments that the team is proud of

Not only were we able to extract players and their information, but the tool can repurposed and used to extract data from other sites which can be very powerful. Once the data is in hand, you can run queries and analysis on the data to yield important insights.

What we learned

1) Writing Java applications that extract data from webpages 2) Working together on a software application as a team 3) Presenting and submitting a solution

What's next for Pack Hacks

Our team really appreciated the fun and exciting environment NC State provided for the Pack hackathon. Our team was proud to compete and network with other developers from across the state and country. We were proud to represent UNC Charlotte and contribute to the hackathon.

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