Whether it's, comic-con with friends, PennApps 2014, or Disneyland with the family, it can be easy to lose people in such a big crowd.

But never fear, WolfPack is here!

WolfPack is a fun new way to stay connected on the go. Simply create a WolfPack with your friends or family before you go out, and the app will automatically keep track of your relative locations and overlay them with a map, so that you can find one another easily. Best of all, because it's built using intel XDK, it works cross platform on iPhone, android, and even windows phone.

But WolfPack is committed to user privacy. Anytime you make a WolfPack, you give it a lifespan of whatever time you wish. At the end of that period, the Pack dissolves and no one receives location info. You can only join one group at a time, so no one can see your location unless you can see theirs, and you always have the option to leave the group before time is up. No need to worry about who sees your nightly snack runs!

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