We have AI that can beat GO champion, drive cars, and deliver goods. How about we have AI that can understands us and be our friend in our home.

What it does

A web app displays the state of IoT devices in home. We can control them in the web app. we can customize the home by designing rules so that the IoT devices automatically reacts in a way we defined. We can communicate with the house, let it does what we need.

How we built it

Web app built with Python Flask and SQLite database as backend, ReactJS as the front-end. Raspberry PIs are used to create IoT nodes using MQTT protocol. The RESTful internet API design allows building web application easily. The web app runs on AWS server and Amazon Route 53 DNS so that the user can easily access the web app.

Challenges we ran into

Building database supports full feature of IoT devices. Making responsive front end web application.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Within short time, we have designed databases and set up IoT devices that are communicating with our web server. We also have designed user friendly user interface to display state of IoT devices, at the same time, control them.

What we learned

how to create scalable frontend page in complexity. How to set up Raspberry PIs.

What's next for Wolfie-Home

Enable rule based commands to IoT devices. add web page to create the commands. Later have the web app understands the voice command.

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