I wanted to build a personal assistant that helps you check stock prices, keep a watchlist, build trends, gather other trader's info. Purely just for fun and see how I can use AWS Lex and AWS Lambda.

What it does

WolfBot is your personal stock market companion on Slack! It can fetch your stock information, provide trending data and keep an eye on your watchlist. All done via Natural Language Processing (provided by AWS Lex).

How I built it

Everything is in my github My stack is: Dev Stack

  1. Python 3.6
  2. Slack API

AWS Services Used

  1. AWS Lex
  2. AWS Lambda
  3. AWS DynamoDB
  4. S3 Bucket

Challenges I ran into

yahoo api for finance stopped working halfway through my project, I have to resort to other (slower) methods to get historical data certain python modules compiles differently with different OS

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

utilising AWS Lex, AWS Lambda and AWS DynamoDB

What I learned

Heaps! This is my first chatbot project, my first serverless project, my first NoSQL project... I could go on.

What's next for WolfBot

Maybe interfacing with actual stock broker backend so you can buy and sell stocks through a chatroom, also do a portfolio function

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