Upon picking us up from the Stonybrook LIRR station, our team member realized that he could not dock the Wolf Bikeshare bike he had rented from near his dorm. The dock was full and he had to walk it back to campus with us. It seemed incredibly tedious to have to pray for docks at the end of a ride given that there is no easy way to view that information. We wanted to build an informative station information app that also inspires and encourages SBU students to choose the healthier and more eco-friendly method of transportation.

What it does

Wolf Rides is an Android/IOS app that shows all of the bike stations available for use on campus. It runs in two modes, one which displays the number of docks available at each station, and another that displays the number of bikes that are ready to rent. In addition, we were able to tap into live data from the campus bus feed to display current bus locations and stops. Another component of our product is an interactive search experience for both visitors and residents alike which users can use to discover desired destinations on campus.

How we built it

We used expo and react native for our frontend. The backend was powered by a combination of a GBFS feed, Google Cloud Functions, and CEWIT data. Google Cloud Functions enabled us to call endpoints without exposing any of our private api keys.

Challenges we ran into

Unfortunately, neither the CEWIT data nor GBFS feeds are public. We had to reverse engineer the existing SBU bus tracker site to locate the endpoints that made it work. For bicycle data, we stumbled upon the SBU gbfs feed by trying various system code names in patterns we found on this page:

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of being able to submit a finished product to not only Devpost, but to the Google Play Store as well. Any SBU student can now enjoy a better campus transportation experience by downloading the app:

What we learned

We learned that teamwork is key to a successful product. We learned to spend time lots of time on design and planning before committing to building. Finally, we learned to reverse engineer existing products to find out how they work.

What's next for Wolf Rides

Keep updating, duh!

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