We set out to solve a problem, and we found two; forgetting things for school, and unwieldy backpacks. We sought to solve both issues.

What it does

Our backpack was made with the intention of combining bluetooth beacons with a "mother" unit, and making the backpack itself able to be customized to fit its contents.

How I built it

We split the work of the pack between physical and "wares". We had only one person for both hardware and software, and while he did his best, there were several setbacks.

Challenges I ran into

The hardware stocks did not have a bluetooth module that would act as a master, so we ended up having to try to patch together an android app that would notice missing beacons. Unfortunately android studio is not an easy thing to use for a beginner, and the app was not complete. This leads to a feeling of low results, although we like the backpack and included an (apparently rather weak) wireless charging zone for phones.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

A great deal of work went into things, and though we did not get things working, we can say that some of our own things had better results than official Android examples.

What I learned

There were a great many things learned in this. Android is a hard thing to program, and seemingly even staring at the equipment can cause it not to work properly. The tiny circuits make for excellent equipment, though having had a bluetooth master module would have made this excellent. I learned making a backpack from scratch is very time consuming ,and that you can do amazing things if you put the time in.

What's next for Woke Pack

The woke pack needs its bluetooth additions so it can let you know if you have forgotten something before leaving. We would like to refine the design to make it look nicer and give it additions that allow it to change what it holds, and potentially expand capabilities.

Built With

  • confidence
  • fabrics
  • love
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