The reason for the interest in the project would be my interest in privacy and blockchain technology. I was interested in the security area within the blockchain field and the field of supply-chain was an interesting area as security vulnerabilities had been exploited during the NotPetya virus and Equifax hacks where users sensitive data was exploited in these hacks due to trust issues and potentials security exploits that lead to deletion of data from its company-owned databases.

What it does

The project aimed to solve the privacy issues within Inventory Management Systems by using Etherium smart contracts to host the public data on the public blockchains which will provide an immutability feature for the data. Additionally, I utilised to introduce a cryptographic protocol called Zero-Knowledge Proofs which enhances privacy by hiding sensitive data from the public blockchain and the firebase database. The use of Ethereum blockchain and solidity smart contracts is the introduction to immutability to the data stored on the blockchains. Zero-knowledge proof has been used to enhance the privacy using the Zokrates module which provided zero-knowledge proof construct within Ethereum blockchains.

How I built it

The design for the project involves the boilerplate code which is being used to deploy contracts to the rinkeby testnet. This framework is built using Javascript Framework called Node.js.The high-level design is described succinctly below on how the smart contracts built in Solidity and how it's being deployed to the rinkeby test net.Secondly, The Inbox Project Directory is structured in a way where Separation of Concerns principles are applied when building testing and deploying the contracts.Finally, The Angular Web Application would interact with the rinkeby supply-chain contract using the Web3 framework. The Web3 Framework is being used to interact with HTML Webpages and provides an interface to convert EVM byte code to JavaScript compile time code which helps the developer to send and retrieve information from the smart contract.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am really proud of building a full fledged inventory application using Angular and Ngrx.Privacy was enhanced using Zero-Knowledge Proofs within the application.

What's next for Decentralised Inventory Management System

My Plan is to continue to work within the field to build applications within the Supplychain community to improve processe

What's next for Wodger-Decentralised Inventory Management System

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