Social Distance

in almost building there is shared washing /dry machines for clothes. I will like to build a app that show wend a machine is free or wend is in use.

What it does

Monitor this machines and wend she stops we get a notification.


The problem with washing/dry machines are the time that they show sometimes is complete wrong. That means you have to go to the common area and wait there until is finish....

Challenges I ran into

  • 1 problem using image recognition is "cameras must be use" and same people my not like that....
  • 2 problem build non invasive system (means don't touch any electronic part of the machines) warranties..

What's next for WMM - Washing machine monitor

Can we build something that can "see" the screen / power or led's from this machines to find wend the machines stops working...

Something that can be use in any brand will be perfect..

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