There a ton of websites that provide video resources when it comes to Educational content, like khan academy, udemy and many more. But what if there was a platform that curates and provides all Magic and wizardry related videos under one platform!

What it does

Wizardry Casket is a web platform that allows users to find awesome video resources curated and divided into categories and sub categories for easy access. Users can choose from categories like Card tricks, deception, vanishing tricks etc. When the user chooses a category and sub category, video links are fetched from the CockroachDB powered sql database in the backend and the video is rendered and shown to the user.

How I built it

The frontend is built with ReactJS using simple HTML, CSS and Javascript The backend consists of NodeJS The database is powered by CockroachDB (cluster information provided as a screenshot)

Challenges I ran into

Setting up the CockroachDB cluster was challenging but I was able to figure it out

Accomplishments that I am proud of

Finishing the project and submitting a demo video is something I am proud about!

What I learned

I learnt how to integrate CockroachDB in a MERN Stack project

What's next for wizardry casket

Expanding the category spread and providing mobile support

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