A project for HackIllinois 2015

Dario Aranguiz :: aranguizdario@gmail.com
Kashev Dalmia  :: kashev.dalmia@gmail.com
Brady Salz     :: brady.salz@gmail.com
Ahmed Suhyl    :: sulaimn2@illinois.edu


Wizard Staff is a popular drinking game in which one tapes consecutive new cans of liquid on top of their empties, and thereby creates a "Wizard's Staff". If one's staff is longer than another player, then that higher level wizard may instruct the lower level wizard to hydrate himself.

But what if your liquid of choice doesn't come in cans?

Enter wizard staff. wizard staff is a set of connected pint glasses, an Android app, and companion Pebble app and web app for viewing the scoreboard. It allows for people to play Wizard Staff with any liquid that goes in a glass. Stay hydrated!

Visit the live web scoreboard at http://wizardstaff.me/ or http://kashev.github.io/wizardstaff


wizard staff was built on the following technologies.



  • Android - application platform.
  • Firebase - database platform.
  • StrapKit - wearable software platform.
  • MPAndroidChart - Android plotting library.
  • Node - web development platform.
  • Grunt - web development task runner.
  • Pure CSS - CSS framework of choice.
  • Sass - CSS preprocessor of choice.
  • Flot - Javascript plotting library.


wizard staff is aimed at the following prizes:

  • Dropbox -- Most Dropboxy
  • Goldman Sachs -- Most Unconventional Tech Choices
  • Google -- Best use of Google Tech
  • KCG & 3RED -- Best Networked Game
  • Palantir -- Best Data Visualization
  • Pebble -- Best Pebble Hack
  • Spark -- Best Spark Hack
  • Strap -- Best Use of Strap
  • Trunk Club -- Most Innovative Way To Connect Someone


Team Brady Rocks built WizardStaff in 36 hours.

  • Dario Aranguiz - Android App, DB Interaction
  • Kashev Dalmia - StrapKit App, A Whole Lot of Nothing, Web Scoreboard
  • Brady Salz - Hardware, Hardware, Hardware, Team, Embedded Software
  • Ahmed Suhyl - Embedded Software, Test, Hardware, Graphic Design

Thanks to Alex Kordas, Matt Tischer, and Arnold Kao for moral support. Thanks to the entire HackIllinois staff for putting on this event, especially Matthew Dierker. #funinanelevator

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