Here as the problem statement defines we have came with the solution of smart hotel check in and also adding some functionalities to our product which will be helpful for users like the problems of queue for check in, manual billing and many more. So at a time we are trying to solve two problem statements i.e Take out the human interaction and Smooth the step in.

Here we are introducing: Website- used for hotel rooms booking, An App- for hotel check in, An IoT setup - used for setup of local server and to provide user the security while hotel check in process *An AI chatbot for better preference * Augmented reality

The product is the one-stop solution to take out the possible human interaction throughout, getting a glimpse of the hotel room and smoothing out the check-in and check-out processes. That will consist of a web and an android app for automating a manual process, 3D modeling using AR/ VR for 360' view for hotel's room real scenario, AI chatbot for easy booking and query handling, and an IoT setup for contactless entry-exit. The outcome of implementation of such system will be minimisation of queue problem, better customer trust, engagement and curtailing the spread of virus. It will be having implications on tourism industry post-pandemic which will be contributing to the economy as well would be helping to flatten the curve where people are expected to live alongside the virus.

The solution can be divided into mainly these parts: • Web and Android app for automating manual process The user's profile on the website is first created by registering his details for booking of hotel rooms. A unique code is assigned to the user at the time of registering which has to kept securely for the future authorization process. • 3D modeling using AR/ VR for 360, real scenario glimpse A gallery of pictures of various hotel rooms presented at the website. Apart from that when the image of his room interest is clicked on by the user, 360' view image of the room can be viewed by him • AI chatbot for easy booking and query handling We have tried to provide much security and privacy while hotel checkin. Here the admin panel plays an important role for it.

  1. Admin will be alloting an unique id to each room with unique user no.
  2. For notification, when the user will come under the range of Human sensor and will scan the QR code successfully, admin will recieve notification of it.


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