WiWo, short for Walk In Walk Out, aims to provide a seamless retail shopping experience. We use iBeacon (Estimote Beacon) technology as an innovation on mobile payment systems by allowing the customer to pay by simply walking out of the store. Imagine this:

  1. You walk into the store and the store is able to identify you using iBeacon technology (Estimote Beacon)
  2. As you walk around and try on different things, you can add items to your cart by simply tapping it on your phone (use jacket and bag)
  3. Finally, when you’re ready to pay. Simply walk out of the store.
  4. The iBeacon (Estimote Beacon) will identify you leaving the store and charge the credit card automatically
  5. As you can see in the store’s account dashboard, a total of the amount was just added

This technology enhances shopping experience by eliminating the need for check out lines and allowing the customer to focus solely on the in-store experience.

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