An estimated 72% of chat interaction can be automated by using intelligent chat bots for customer interaction. You can instantly gain scale by sending common chat requisition to an automated agent. But normal bots have terrible manners. WittyChat takes advantage of for intelligent speech and user intent processing. A natural bot who talks comfortably to your users.

What happens when WittyChat gets stuck? The session is instantly transferred to a live "mechanical turk" sales agent. The agent enters the chat with the full context of the conversation the customer has had with WittyChat and can intelligently continue the conversation seamlessly. The customer never knows when they are talking to WittyChat or when they are talking to a live agent. They love your great CX and agents won't shoot themselves in the head after getting sick of using for the 30th time that day.

Our entire demo makes use of,,, and (for persistent storage.)

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