My peers and I share the same feelings of discouragement due to being the gender minority in our classes. It's a problem that stems from how hard it is to find resources dedicated towards diversity in technology and for some people, it is hard to find support in their schools. Statistics also show that there is a gender gap problem in the technology field (24% of technology positions are held by women via Deloitte Insights). I wanted to create a platform that could women/non-binary people can go to in order to find resources and motivation dedicated towards them.

What it does

WiTSource is a centralized place for women/non-binary people to look for opportunities/resources/etc. catered towards them. WiTSource is also a space where users can look for study material for core computer science class subjects. On top of that, WiTSource has a motivational quote generator to help motivate the user by including quotes from historical women in STEM.

How I built it

As a new web developer, I wanted to create a website in order to centralize all that I wanted to share. I used, HTML/CSS and JavaScript to create WiTSource, later adding it to Visual Studio Code & GitHub.

Challenges I ran into

  • Flexbox: I wanted to have full customization of the website, so I decided to take the time to learn flexbox.
  • Time: In the first half of the hackathon, I had midterms. I did not have enough time to learn and implement other features I wanted to include.
  • General web development: I had trouble with creating the layout I wanted with flexbox, parent/child HTML divs, and keeping track of all my elements.
  • Quote generator: Initially, I wanted to have a database to store the quotes, but in the end, I resorted to just utilizing JavaScript.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I created a whole website with little knowledge of web development, and I am proud of the final product. I am also proud of how I learned flexbox properties and created my own styling of the website.

What I learned

I learned a lot about web development with flexbox, parent/child HTML elements, styling, front-end development, using the DOM, creating interactive buttons, and creating the quote generator, and connecting JavaScript with HTML.

What's next for WiTSource

  • Create a database to save an opportunity/course/study material and have a section on the website for the user to access their saved items. Also, use the database to save a quote generated by the motivational quote generator and have it displayed on the homepage.
  • Internships/opportunities/etc. saved and displayed instead of statically adding them to the HTML.
  • Add more opportunities/courses/etc.
  • Search by keyword feature and a filter feature in order to allow for better search functionality.
  • Add a chat function & user login to communicate with other women/nonbinary people in technology.
  • Edit text for more inclusive language

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