There are many fitness apps out there that retroactively calculate distances traveled and the amount of calories burned, with Strava and Fitbit being two of the most well-known apps. However, no apps currently exist that can create routes from a person’s current location for hiking, biking, walking, or running based on their desired amount of calories to be burned in correlation with their height, weight, and age.

What it does

All the user has to do is input how many calories they want to burn and then our app generates a list of routes that, when followed, would burn that desired amount of calories. We believe that this is an intuitive way to exercise as instead of aimlessly running trying to accumulate calories burned, with our app you have a designated goal based on how far you want to run.

How I built it

We used App Studio to create the UI and load in the map we made. The map was uploaded to AGOL, where our app pulled it from the url. We then calculated distance needed to travel in order to bur x calories inside the app, and send that distance to Network Analyst. Network Analyst sends back routes that we display to the user.

Challenges I ran into

The main challenge with our app, and probably the reason an app like this doesn't exist is that in order to generate calories, you need speed, time, and heart rate. It's impossible to know how fast the user is going to travel, which means that our formulas for finding routes don't know the exact rate that the user is going to burn calories at. We do our best to formulate how many calories would be burned if a user traveled at "normal speeds" for their chosen activity. We assumed 3 mph for walking,

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Surviving :o

What I learned

What a shape file is

What's next for WitnessOurFitness

World Market Domination

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