Concept + Goals

This app is a platform where organizations can post their causes and have people donate to and follow them Makes donating more accessible and mainstream Helps non profit organizations reach the public in an engaging and easier way Merges the accessibility of social media and the goal of activism to help the fight against inequality. Through our design, inequality of all different aspects are able to be solved. Organizations and the people are able to speak out against inequality, as the UN recommends in their 10 Goals


As a mostly beginner to code, and a complete beginner to mobile apps, I already knew that I was being ambitious with my ideas. I tried to create an Android app using Java, but unfortunately, I proved to be too much of a beginner. I loved coming up with my idea and trying to make it, as I did learn a lot!.

Next for WithinEquality

I hope to actually develop the app, and actually have it function!

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