According to the National Center for Women & Information Technology, women only hold 25% of computing roles in the US, and 22% in Canada. As a computer science students, Marvi and I noticed a lack of support for women in tech, due to which lots of female students tend to drop computer science and engineering degrees.

What it does

This is where WiTECH comes in. It is a web networking platform. It is a one stop shop virtual platform where women in tech at all stages of their career can come together to empower, support, and lift each other. It is designed by women, for women. WiTECH would be the one platform which offers various ways of support such as mentorship, career guidance, events, Alumni Connections, Industry Insights, Job Shadowing, Mentorship, Networking, and Recruitment Opportunities.

Also, especially during Covid since we are not able to physically be present at networking events to meet and connect with other women in tech, our voices can sometimes get overshadowed by powerful and confident men during zoom virtual events and therefore Ravneet and I thought we needed a platform where women would feel comfortable and will be heard.

How I built it

  • After brainstorming the idea, we started to bring the platform to life by putting our thought out on Figma
  • Next we started to build the actual website based on the mockups we came up with. We converted the UI to HTML/CSS code as the foundation of the web platform.
  • We were able to code the Landing Page, Login Page, Chat
  • Tech Stack: Landing Page: HTML/CSS, Bootstrap Login Page: HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, Firebase (auth) Chat: HTML/CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript

Challenges I ran into

  • Given the time constraint, we could only partially code our web platform
  • Without a specialization in Web Development, our app still needs a lot of coding, but sooner than not, this simple yet thoughtful idea will come to life

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • We are absolutely happy about watching our idea come to life with both of us collaborating so well and smooth
  • We finished a good chunk of the structural implementation. Our platform is able to correctly create, and authenticate each user by their credentials.

What I learned

Although we both had basic knowledge of web dev, we both learned a great deal about what we can accomplish with HTML/CSS, and learned a lot about the different applications of Bootstrap. We also both tried Figma for the first time to create user flows and a clickable, interactive prototype

What's next for WiTECH

After completing the initial prototyped version using Figma, we wish to offer many more features such as:

  • Creating a matching algorithm to automatically match each user with another user on a monthly basis ( ML )
  • A feed page where the users can interact among one another
  • Creation of various communities and working with various companies and organizations to promote their events on our platform
  • Create Account/Sign Up Feature
  • We did some research and found a couple AI facial recognition tools that identify women and men and we would like to experiment and implement those into our create account section to only allow female users.

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