For football geeks like us, getting information about soccer matches like fixtures, scores, players, etc in a jiffy is very important. There are many apps out there which give us this information but why not chat with a bot to get the required information?

What it does

Presenting WitBall! A Wit.AI powered Flutter Application that gets data about latest fixtures, current score and also gets the players of your favourite team or any other team you name. Using Witball users can communicate with the Wit.AI bot using a chat interface.

How we built it

  • The application is built using Flutter. Flutter is a hybrid app development framework which can create apps for both Android and iOS at the same time!
  • The application is connected to our Server using sockets and messages are streamed to & from the application to the server.
  • The server then gets each message and detects the Wit.AI bot detects the intent from the text.
  • Based on the intent an appropriate message is then sent back to the user.

Flow Diagram

What we learnt

  • Wit.AI was relatively new to us and after using the software we realised how easy it has made our lives.
  • Wit.AI was really helpful to create our chatbot. Learning how to use it was a big boon for us.

Challenges we ran into

  • Creating a socket connection between the mobile application and server was a challenging task.
  • Training the Wit.AI to detect team names and different other intents was challenging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We have created this project within 7 days of continuous learning and developing and that to us is a big achievement.
  • As said before, Wit.AI was relatively new to us and with Facebook's precise and prompt documentation we were able to understand how to use it.

What's next for WitBall

  • WitBall is currently in its adolescence. There are many leagues current in the world of Soccer. We have focused just on one i.e the English Premier League. We intend to focus on more leagues such as Bundesliga(Germany), La Liga(Spain), MLS(USA), etc.
  • We also would try to increase the amount of intents so that user can request for more additional information.
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