The first thing that arguably every potential customer does to verify your business's authenticity or to get a general idea is to check your website. You need a website more so if yours is a small business with limited resources. This makes it imperative that you create a website that contains information about your business and allows stakeholders and everyone else to get to know your business a little better. Apart from marking online presence, having a website have other benefits like :

  1. Advertising
  2. To keep your customers up-to-date
  3. 24×7 availability
  4. Expand & Improve your business
  5. Increase Sell
  6. Lead generation and customer’s feedback

In India, SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) cover almost 95% of the country's total industrial units. But the digital literacy of these SMEs is not good enough to enable them to develop their websites. Although there are many Website building sites like, they are quite complex for a non-tech person.

What it does

Wit.bizz : The power of and WhatsApp Business into one.

It is an AI bot working at your service to create a website for your business in just one chat. Wit.Bizz has the motive to help all the SMEs and individuals who are not technically literate. It will help them launch their business website by just asking a few questions.

How will it ease the present situation ?

  1. Easy Accessibility As WhatsApp is the most frequent and easily usable app, we added the Wit.Bizz bot as an extended feature to WhatsApp Business.

  2. No need of technical knowledge Just answer simple questions and voila your site is ready. No deployment hassle and reduced complexity.

  3. NLP Driven Wit.Bizz uses model to train it for user responses. Since our target audience is technically not well versed hence using a well trained NLP model would help us understand the needs of user.


  1. Open a WhatsApp Business Account.
  2. Our bot ,Wit.Bizz will automatically send you the welcome message.
  3. Continue chatting with the bot to personalise your website.
  4. After giving the basic information, you can ask the bot to deploy the site.
  5. The bot will return a custom URL for your business.
  6. Modifications can be made after deployment as well.


  1. Build your own website in just one chat!
  2. NLP driven Website builder bot
  3. Seamless integration with WhatsApp Business
  4. Customize themes and sections
  5. Notifications
  6. Customers Enquiries Addressal
  7. Get monthly customer engagement Statistics

How we built it

  1. WhatsApp Business API : We used Twilio to send and receive WhatsApp messages
  2. NLP : We used to perform NLP on received messages.
  3. Website Deployment : We used Heroku CLI for website deployment
  4. Server Hosting : We used Digital Ocean droplet for server hosting.

Challenges we ran into

The difficult part was to host the custom website for each user so we used Heroku CLI to host the website from a digital ocean droplet.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the fact that we brought our idea to help SMEs launch their businesses online easily was successful. With our bot, any businessman registered on WhatsApp Business could have their website without spending money or relying on anybody.

What's next for Wit.Bizz

  1. Adding products through an excel sheet (to be filled by user)
  2. Receive transactional notifications
  3. All the queries of contact form can be redirected to WhatsApp.
  4. Train model to support more website modifications
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