Tutorial in Arabic to help beginners create a functional facebook messenger app using The reasons I choose to create this tutorial is because The positive impact a simple chatbot can make for a small business in terms of increasing productivity and customer satisfaction, in an extremely cost effective way. Another reason is also the lack of Arabic video or written tutorials tackling

What it does

Because this tutorial is for beginners it assumes no prior knowledge with any NLP frameworks, it doesn't even assume that the audience have software development experience. This is why it illustrates every step of creating the chatbot with screenshots.

The examples in this article also borrow from the target region , for example names of familiar cites

The backend of the sample app is is very simple to duplicate on serverless auto deploy platform, it was inspired mainly by Arnold Scott, Partner Engineer at Facebook demo app, which we reference in the tutorial.

Also I've focused on breaking down complicated concepts and setup details into simple colorful illustrations to give the target audience a mental map that help them navigate the tutorial and not get lost between the layers of setup needed.

This shows for example in the illustrations describing the role of in this stack, and also in the requirements to setup a facebook app that implements communicates through facebook Messenger

Apart from the theory part, I've made sure that the reader at the end of the tutorial has a working app that can be basis for more sophisticated chatbot, as I explore at the end the improvements and extensions the reader can implement into the app.

Challenges I ran into

Getting the layout right for Arabic which is Right-To-Left language.

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