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My girlfriend and I are currently in a long-distance relationship. Sometimes we like to watch movies together online and often resort to synchronizing our videos by voice over the phone. While some services for synchronized video exist, Wisp is unique in that it eliminates the hassle of creating and maintaining an account or subscription. The service can be entered by simply entering a key that allows two or more users to synchronize media instantly. Additionally, I thought about what other capabilities I've wanted when watching movies together: the two that most quickly came to mind were chatting and food. I implemented private chatting beside the video face and also included links to food delivery services below. Wisp will also allow food to be paid for by one user and delivered to the other without sharing the users sharing any personal information: Wisp will be the middleman in placing the order.

What it does

WISP allows users to watch media in sync. It provides access with a simple key that both (or more) users share--no accounts required. It also allows for quick food ordering incorporated directly into the interface.

How we built it

Unity to create the GUI and scripted interactions; Blender to create the scenery, GUI components, and other objects; Photon to assist us in networking RPCs;

Challenges we ran into

Taking on tasks that we had never tried, or even thought of, before

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The Polished GUI and presentation

What we learned

RPCs, Networking Practices, Chat Implementation, Unity Features, Blending and 3D Modeling

What's next for Wisp

Continue development until fully functional and then eventually deploy it to the world

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