In a generation that has grown up alongside illegal file-sharing websites and uncompensated artists, there has been a simultaneous rise of a seemingly irrevocable new "culture of free," and a large group of unappreciated creators. The arts has become an increasingly competitive and undervalued field, and therefore with WISP we aim to provide an organized and public space in which creators and art enthusiasts can find recognition and support one another.

What it does

We promote different aspects of art, specifically literature, photography, sculptures, and illustrations. By creating a program where artists and art enthusiasts can look at and enjoy each other’s artwork, we bring artists from all over the world onto a single platform.

How we built it

To build this program we used the tools and applications available on MIT App Developer 2.0.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into numerous challenges over the course of this hackathon. First of all, we spent a large chunk of time attempting to learn how to store and retrieve values to a database. We also were not able to use Firebase as we finally figured out it was incompatible with our program.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to successfully create an interactive app in which the user can select categories of art, view the works, and upload their own works.

What we learned

This was a great learning experience for all people in our team. For most of us, this was our first hackathon as well! One thing we learned was to properly research our tools (such as databases) before we begin using them. In addition we learned that building a user-friendly, convenient, applicable and working program in reality requires an enormous deal of thought and evaluation. However, this hackathon was an enlightening experience, and the opportunity to speak to mentors and have a designated space to get out our ideas.

What's next for WISP

In addition to promoting artwork, we wanted to make a social impact. With all the recent school shootings, we wanted to create a program that would support the Brady Campaign in their crusade to implement gun control. School should be a safe environment where students come to learn and thrive, not a place where they have to worry about their lives.We hope to create a program where viewers can buy the art. We could put watermarks on the art that artists upload; consumers could then either receive electronic or physical copies of the work for varying prices. The proceeds would be evenly split to both compensate the artists and support the Brady Campaign so that they can fight for a cause that we strongly believe in. Finally, in order to add convenience to artists and viewers, we wanted to add a section where artists enter keywords about their art. Therefore, when art enthusiasts go to view art, they can view works regarding specific topics they are more passionate about through a search engine. Unfortunately, due to time constraints, we were able to start this but unable to complete this aspect.

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