I am a refugee, immigrant and frequent traveler to over 85 countries for free. I have built 5 predictive data and influencer platforms in regulated healthcare data industries for FDA, Google, Pfizer, and 116 other companies. Using blockchain to share intent, I want to help more people discover the uniqueness of places like Wyoming and connect with locals and businesses. My mission is to change how we see the world and other people unlike us. At the end of the day, the more we realize we're all human, the more we can connect and share our humanity.

What it does

WishPoints token curated registry aggregates future demand and intent from consumers to negotiate higher volume consensus for loyalty contracts with companies for better deals and experiences.

How I built it

.net, C#, python for AI and analytics, android/ios for apps (users), ruby-on-rails (businesses). Currently writing white paper for ICO/STO and choosing between Ethereum, EOS, or DECENT for the tokenization platform.

Challenges I ran into

Finding developers and VCs excited about the scalable value of future intent/demand data and who love to develop disruptive technology

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

WishPoints app was launched in Oct 2006 and we have over 3 million user demand data and over 350 companies in the pipeline. We have won 10 competitions and have 12 investors on board so far.

What I learned

Traditional companies in crowded markets are slow to adopt new technology. Demand should come from users. If we collect the demand, they will come!

What's next for WishPoints Demand Tokenization

User and business sides of the platform has already been launched and we are aiming for 5 M customers and 1 K businesses by end of 2018. We are raising $2M for the build of the tokenization for ICO/STO. Blockchain white paper is in development. Recruiting developers to build prototype.

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