The Problem

Gift giving plays a significant role in society. From busy seasons like the winter holidays, to birthdays, individuals are always asked: what can I get you? Communicating these wants clearly and simply is not easy. There are lists across multiple online retailers, but beyond that there was no simple, secure, and well designed system to share wish lists with friends and family.

What it does

Our platform fills this gap affording users a clean, well designed system on which they can collect their desired items and securely invite friends to view them.

How We built it

The platform is built upon a PHP and mySQL backend and driven by a responsive jQuery and AJAX front end, which we designed and coded ourselves from scratch. We took great care in crafting the design of the site to maximize its usability for our users.

Challenges We ran into

We had some difficulties getting started with an AJAX driven frontend, but by the end of the project we had significantly improve our abilities.

Accomplishments that We're proud of

When creating this project we aimed to deploy an easy account system that was also very secure. We decided to use a passwordless system that uses uniquely generated and expiring login links to securely sign users into our system without the need of a password. This session is then maintain using browser cookies. We also were able to use live AJAX calls to smartly populate our item entry form as the user entered its name as well as pull a photo for each item.

What We learned

This hackthon our team learned a lot about web security, we had the opportunity work with a few industry professionals who gave us some great information and support.

What's next for WishFor (

The platform will be expanded to allow further collaboration between friends in claiming and splitting the costs of items.

Functionality Demo

(dev post GIF images not displaying properly)

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