Millions of Americans suffer from poverty and food insecurity every year. Programs typically designed to mitigate these conditions are short-sited and don't provide solutions for real needs that will allow users to become contributing members of society.

wishfish allows you to designate whether or not you will be a giver or recipient of a need. A recipient makes a post for an immediate need that must be satisfied, for example, hunger. wishfish will generate a list of stores based on location and allow recipients to choose their preferences. Givers can give to any user on their feed submitting a coupon or code to redeem items in-store. wishfish also provides informative content to help better the lives of these individuals.

We built wishfish with a combination of ionic, angular, nodejs, mysql, and google web platforms. A great challenge was using Ionic. Almost none of us really knew it before, so working with it end-to-end was a real challenge. We thought about wavering from our course, but we stuck to it are are all really proud of the final product.

What's next for wishfish

We would like to build out the application to support business partnerships. For example, Dollar General allows redemption of items in store based on receipts or codes. We would partner with companies such as this to expand our app and offer discounts and other services or advantages to those who have immediate needs. We'd like to incorporate Google' public transit API to target those in need even further, providing transportation resources.

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