Story & inspiration:

Family giving tree fulfills the wishes of the neediest children in the Bay area. We collect wishes, find gift providers and gifts, then deliver the gifts back to kids. During holidays, roughly 70,000 gifts would arrive our warehouse and wait to be manually sorted out. We focus on this process and try to make it more organized, simpler and faster.

Target user:

FGT staff and potential gift providers.

For FGT staff, when they first create wish cards to send, instead of just providing children information and gift information, we add a barcode.We need this card with barcode on it to be sent back with gifts, so that after the gifts arrive the warehouse, we simply scan the barcode and get recorded in our system. In this way, we avoid manually sorting the gifts, thus make it faster and simpler.

For potential gift providers, we provide a web page for them. They could search based on children's wishes and gender so that they could choose children to provide gifts.

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