## Inspiration We wanted to make something that can be done HERE and NOW in the near future, and wanted to rise up against a problem that we face in our daily lives. We believe that while AR and VR are super cool, they are a sort of toy, and like all toys, they lose their novelty to the average user over a certain period of time. As a result, we took a different path to leveraging the higher education classroom environment with ML to face a problem that is extremely relevant in UK universities. While the professors are excellent researchers without a doubt, they can sometimes be lacking in terms of teaching ability without even realizing it.

## What it does It analyzes classroom data (face detection) and extrapolates the average number of people who are bored, distracted, or confused, and gives analytics to the professor at the end of his lecture on which parts of it people were most bored during.

## How we built it We started off with rekognition on its own for images, then wanted to expand further, so we developed onto the idea of using speech data from the professor on top of what we already had to leverage it further. We then started combining the two and creating an intuitive and simple to use web interface (the user simply has to upload the recording of the lecture). The end goal would be for this to be integrated with video capture services already used in universities to further improve the experience.

Challenges we ran into

None of us had ever used AWS coming in to this challenge. We saw this an opportunity to learn, but quite a daunting one at that. It was quite touch to get into this new environment and have to adapt so quickly to the dozens of APIs given to us within our reach, but quite esoteric at the time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of having grasped the basics (and maybe a bit more) of AWS and having developed a working prototype and proof of concept of an idea we believe is simple to put into use and can have a positive impact in classrooms for a very low cost

What we learned

We felt what it was like to be truly challenged in this way, and learned immensely from it. We got a great, well organized hackathon experience with helpful and engaging sponsors. We got to play around with cutting edge technologies and use them for a very practical purpose in our life.

What's next for WiseProf

Developing on a larger scale! We are still very excited about our idea and want to push it further to see where it leads us, to see how far we can push the limits of it and try to implement it in some shape or form hopefully in our own university and lecture halls.

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