Why Wisen

Learning doesn't have to happen in the class. In fact, there is an unimaginable amount of knowledge out there in the wild!

What Wisen can do

Learn origami from the old gentleman living across the street? Learn skateboarding from that naughty little girl on the same floor? Learn Rubik's Cube from that seemingly unapproachable math professor? Learn painting from some hermitic artist living in the countryside? Or, share your own knowledge with people nearby? --Wisen makes theses all possible in a tap.

Bringing together the power of Firebase, Sinch, Coinbase, ESRI and many other services, Wisen is a platform for everyone which offers location-based knowledge matching, sharing, and analyzing functionalities. By allowing us to both search the things we want to learn and exhibit the skills we possessed easily with hashtags and location-based criteria, and analyzing the knowledge "flowing" in this process, Wisen aims to promotes the sharing of knowledge among every member of our society.

Multi-platform Support

We have developed both the native iOS version and web version of Wisen.

(Video URL for web version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tCCLYiBPMEY&feature=youtu.be)

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