We were playing around with Alchemy, and we thought that it would cool to measure engagement of customers through through facial recognition in the retail space. We thought it would satisfy a real world need.

How it works

Uses Alchemy to count the number of customers who come into your store, and provides you with demographic information.

Challenges I ran into

Tracking moving faces and not counting them multiples times. Really identifying a problem, and ways of adding value while solving the problem for the end consumer. Making sure that we had identified a use case scenario before we began creating tools to solve it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Coming together as a team. Integrating our different skills and perspectives. Not giving up when we hit a dead-end. Being optimistic throughout. We are proud of the fact that we developed a proprietary alogristhim that will allow us to track faces, and determines when a new person arrives on the scene.

What I learned

How to use IBM Watson technologies, how to use the Alchemy API. How to work together as a team.

What's next for WiseFoot

Improve the algorithm to identify further demographic info, and potentially analyze facial expression. We would also like to explore its use in retail.

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