I was inspired to develop this because of the numerous blog/website/product that exist on the internet but are so oblivious from the world and the users don't have the bills for Google or Facebook Ads.

What it does

Wise Ads is a trade by barter advertising platform. It's a two way thing. A user advertises his blog/site/product on other blogs already on the platform and do the same by advertising others on his/her blog.

If you don't have a blog then you may have to pay for the advertisement. You can also create a page on the platform to build online presence.

Every ad you publish on the platform has a certain point it adds to your overall point.

Every ad you advertise on the platform has a point it removes from your overall point. If your overall point gets exhausted, you can get more by either paying or by publishing more of our ad contents.

How I built it

I used HTML and CSS as the bare bone for the UI, JQuery/PHP for the API that does the placement of Ads on sites

Challenges I ran into

I first was clueless on how to inject an image into a webpage a different web server from another one using just a JavaScript/JQuery chunk of code. I had to get SSL on the site so that users that have SSL on their sites can use the advertisement code. I later quickly ran into database issues because it grew way faster than I thought. Every loaded Ad has an entry on the database.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

In the first few months of the one hosted online, with no ACTUAL advertisement as such I has about 80 signups and a couple of publishers already.

What I learned

I learned a whole lot. First, I got to know that you cannot easily inject things to other websites on different web platform. I also began to see the limitation of a regular MySQL innob database and ways to work around them.

What's next for WiseAds

Users should be able create animated ads not just by pictures.

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