We love to do outreach event's and teach our classmates about electronics and hardware. However, educational toys are very expensive and break very easily.

What it does

They create simple circuits that a child could easily modify and see different ways circuits can be created.

How we built it

We 3-d printed custom cases for our personally creates circuits and set up magnetic clips.

Challenges we ran into

Wiring the batteries together and modifications we could make to the casing. Our 8 hour print failed in the night and having to make a quick printing model to be able to demo!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making the first workable models and seeing everything work properly!

What we learned

Better ways to teach people new to electronics!

What's next for Wiring Critical Tinkers

We are create a workshop to create these modules to other students. Then take the newly created modular circuits and use them to go to outreach events and teach kids.

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